Lviv Guide App is here

Lviv Guide App is here!

We know that you are all waiting for the release of the VoiceGuide App which is delayed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

To give you a little preview of what is coming, we have decided to release the Lviv Guide App and Audio Tours now. It is filled with useful travel information and descriptions of locations available in several languages and we are working on providing more. Currently, our tours are only available in English, but soon we will make them available in Polish and Russian.


 Lviv is a beautiful city in western Ukraine best known for the histrionic Old Town, which is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous Opera Theater, the oldest University in Eastern Europe, many beautiful churches,  and the best coffee in Ukraine.  The city also has a unique restaurant culture. Many coffeehouses, cafes, and restaurants have become tourist attractions in their own right. 

We believe that you really have to see this old and majestic city for yourself to experience its unique ambiance.  And having our app as your companion gives you yet another reason to make your way to Lviv!

If you would like to participate in our Beta program and download the application from our website, please let us know through Social Media. or by sending an email to