Five reasons to travel with a VoiceGuide App in your pocket:

Experiencing new places has never been easier or more exciting. Forget travel maps, brochures, and guides that keep screaming, “there goes another tourist!” Explore new places like a native that has been there a thousand times before. All you need is a VoiceGuide App installed on your Smartphone. With the help of this app, you could be your own guide. It will guide you through the most remarkable sites in a city you visit and recommend some of the best restaurants, events, and points of interest around.

 Five reasons to travel with VoiceGuide in your pocket:

1.         The Ease of Using It

Travel maps and brochures can be inconvenient. Spreading out the map at stops to determine your next turn gives tourists a clumsy feeling. But that doesn’t have to be the case. If you own a Smartphone, you can simply install the VoiceGuide application, which provides both audio guides and navigation. Then you can put your phone in a pocket and use earphones to listen to both audio guides and directions.

2.        It is Less Expensive than Hiring a Tour Guide

Tour guide services are often quite expensive, but for just a few dollars, you can get an audio guide that is yours to keep.  And you can try before you buy. If you don’t like a specific tour, you can skip it and pick another one. So, why not spend less and explore more?

3.        Explore at Your Own Pace

Freedom is another fantastic reason you should choose VoiceGuide over a regular tour guide. VoiceGuide allows you to explore whatever place you visit at your own pace. No need to rush past exciting spots to keep up with your guide. Stop when you wish to jump when you feel like it, and run when you’re in a hurry. VoiceGuide won’t complain, you have full control. You can go on a tour alone or with a company, and you can start a tour on one day and continue on another. Plus, if you miss something, you can listen as many times as you want.

4.        Choose What You Want to See

Many places have unique stories to tell. Just go to a location that made you curious, and VoiceGuide will reveal all of the interesting places nearby and let you listen to stories you want to hear. So don’t just stroll past fantastic scenery, listen to your VoiceGuide as the magic and history of each fabulous spot you visit is revealed. This way, you don’t just experience it; you actually become a part of the culture and ideas.

5.        Lots of Other Benefits

VoiceGuide is available in several languages, and you can select the one you prefer.  There is a selection of different audio guides for each city. VoiceGuide provides a variety of activity options for each destination based on travelers’ reviews and your personal preferences. Once you’ve downloaded a selected tour, you don’t need a data connection to use it.