Europe Guide App

We are starting with a short list of European destinations but will quickly expand our coverage. Of course, we will cover the most popular cities like Berlin, London, Rome, and Kraków, but our main focus is primarily on smaller, less known, yet exciting travel destinations. We will help you discover these places and enjoy the best travel experiences they offer.

Krakow Guide

Krakow is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. It is located in southern Poland near the border of the Czech Republic and is best known for its well-preserved medieval core with the biggest market square in Europe, Wawel Royal Castle, and the Jewish quarter. The geographical position makes Krakow an ideal base for excursions to the Polish mountains, Wieliczka Salt Mine, or the infamous Auschwitz.

Lviv Guide

Lviv, a city steeped in history and culture, is located in the western region of Ukraine. As a hidden gem in Eastern Europe, it is an exciting and vibrant destination for travelers seeking a unique and authentic experience. With its rich architectural heritage, charming cobblestone streets, and a thriving café culture, Lviv effortlessly combines the old and the new to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Odesa Guide

Odesa is the most charming city of Southern Ukraine. It is associated with the sea, warmth, extraordinary architecture, legendary discoveries, bright personalities, and endless stories. Over the centuries, the city has attracted travelers, engineers, artists, poets, entrepreneurs, radical dissidents, and common thugs. All this found its mark in the unique Odessa atmosphere.

Ukraine Guide

Ukraine is the largest state in Europe, except for Russia. It has diverse, beautiful landscapes, rich history, colorful cultural traditions, and friendly, warm-hearted people. The application combines the informative richness of a traditional tourist guide with the capabilities and convenience of modern technology. The app offers valuable and interesting information even for people who have visited Ukraine before.

Wroclaw Guide

Learn about the city's history; find unique places to visit and photograph; choose tours with proven local experts, or go on a self-guided walk with an audio guide to learn about the culture and traditions of Wrocław.
Content for this app is currently available in English, Polish, German, and Ukrainian; more language options will be added in the future.

St. Augustine Guide

St. Augustine, situated on Florida's northeastern coast, is the oldest continuously inhabited European-established settlement in the United States. Its rich history is showcased in its preserved Spanish colonial architecture, the centuries-old Castillo de San Marcos, and the historic St. George Street. The city's stunning beaches, vibrant culinary scene, and attractions like the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum give it a unique charm. It's a captivating blend of historical depth, coastal beauty, and southern hospitality.

Berlin Guide

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is an eclectic mix of history, art, and contemporary culture. Best known for its iconic Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building, and Berlin Wall remnants, the city is packed with various landmarks and attractions. The city's diverse cultural landscape, filled with unique architecture and public spaces, is neighbored by monuments like the Holocaust Memorial, showcasing its significant historical context. It is also a vibrant nightlife and entertainment hub with numerous bars, clubs, and delicious food spots.